Memory Foam Mattress Topper

A memory foam mattress topper is essentially an additional padding that is designed to rest over a current mattress for health and comfort purposes. A mattress topper is essential as it protects your current mattress by keeping it in a pristine condition and  in addition makes washing your bed sheets a much easier task.

memory foam mattress topper

Memory foam mattress was created responding to the ever growing number of memory foam mattress topper and mattress pad shoppers who may have heard of the benefits of mattress foam toppers, but have not been given enough information to make a correct buying decision. The following paragraphs will cover everything you need to know about this crucial matter and offer Memory Foam Mattress topper Reviews of other sites that focus on these products.

The invention of Visco Elastic Memory Foam and It’s Use in Memory foam toppers was first developed by NASA. They required a seating material that would reduce the impact of  g-forces at the time of take-off and cushion the astronauts throughout their lengthy journey into space and back again. Visco-elastic memory foam made from polyurethane was put together by NASA to meet this goal the same technology is used to make the memory foam mattress topper that we enjoy to sleep on. And for the more ordinary individual who just wakes up with aches and pains, the memory toppers function very well to make it much more comfortable as well as relieving pressure points that cause these discomfort thanks to NASA.

Additionally, visco-elastic foam toppers softly support the entire body just where it requires supporting. It is thermal sensitive and responds to your body temperature . The foam “gives” right where it needs to “give” while offering support where it requires to offer support. For any substance to become visco-elastic, it will have to be temperature sensitive and have the ability to rebound fairly quickly and return to its usual shape. Listed here are things that determine visco-elasticity of a Memory Foam or a Memory Foam topper. 1. Weight of a foam: Dependant on the

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amount of chemicals used in the composition of the polyurethane foam. The more material chemicals present, the more the viscosity and the better the topper. 2. ILD Rating (Indentation Load Deflection):It determines the hardness or softness of a memory foam. Opt for a lower ILD for the top layer of your memory foam mattress or bed topper. This is usually a real benefit in pressure point reduction thus maximum comfort thus you need to look for soft toppers which have a 4.0 to 4.5 lb. density, and more than 2 inches thickness when buying a foam topper for your mattress.

Bed toppers work perfectly with a bed mattress which feels fairly comfortable, yet causes aches or pains or just isn’t providing you with the kind of relaxing sleep you want. Another useful fact is that unlike memory foam mattresses that can last  a life-span, the memory foam mattress topper is not as long lasting due to several factors. For one thing, the memory foam mattress topper is thin than an actual bed mattress, and as such it will wear out quicker.

memory foam mattress toppers

Ever wondered what the advantages of a mattress topper are? here are some of the advantages

1.They offer superior comfort than ordinary mattresses as they conform the shape of your body when you lay on top of it.

2.Help relieve aches and pains that are associated with ordinary mattresses.

3.Research as indicated that people who sleep on memory mattresses often experience improved Sleep times.

Its usually not a good idea to use a new mattress topper on a old mattress as the toppers are thin and if the top is too soft or unsupportive, then the topper would only worsen the sleeping experience.

When purchasing a memory foam mattress topper, make sure that you have the precise measurement of your mattress. It is important that you obtain a topper that fits your bed perfectly to get the full benefit of the memory mattress foam topper. Additionally, make sure that you check on the toppers quality as there are a few manufacturers that add fillers to the foam to stretch it making the product less durable. Look for a manufacturer or retailer that offers a guarantee of at least five years.


Below are examples of memory foam mattress toppers available in leading stores.

4 inch memory foam mattress topper

3 inch memory foam mattress topper

2 inch memory foam mattress topper

king size memory foam mattress topper

twin xl memory foam mattress topper

memory foam topper zippered cover

If you experience a strange foam-type odor with your newly purchased memory foam mattress topper you can air out the room and clean the sheets after the initial few nights sleeping on the mattress.  Sometimes an ozonator might help nullify the odors. Having said that, all memory foam toppers made in USA don’t have either formaldehyde nor PBDE (polybrominateddiphenylether) and thus no allergies have been associated with the toppers.