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On May 13th 2004, Entercom Radio in Portland Oregon, we believe did something very wrong. They fired our friend, and one radio's funniest guys Nikki Jay. Entercom used the reason of misconduct for his firing. The State of Oregon disagrees with Entercom, and after a full investigation they found that Entercom did not have the grounds to fire Nik for misconduct. But this case goes much deeper than that. After Entercom moved him into his new home, only two and a half months, earlier they refused to humor their contract with him. They would not pay any severance, they blocked his unemployment, and they tried to prevent him for getting another radio job in Portland, or Seattle.

One of the best Legal teams available is willing to fight for Nik and take Entercom to court. But it costs money. Nik is selling everything he can and has cashed in his retirement funds just to keep his home. If we can find 100 people that will each donate $50, or 1000 people that will each donate $5, or even 5000 people who can donate $1, we will have enough to begin litigation. Every bit helps. But before you put your hand into your pocket read the facts below.

    1. In the fall 2004 Entercom moved Nik to Seattle. He sold his house
        in Portland and lost over $20,000 in realty fees
    2. Entercom moved Nik 6 times in 5 months
    3. Nik Owned his house in Seattle 6 days before he was moved back to Portland
    4. Entercom violated there agreement with Nik while he was in Seattle
    5. Nik learned about his firing from the local media.
    6. Entercom lied to the media about Nik's firing
    7. Despite Nik's Multiple requests Mark Hamilton (NRK) Station Manager
        has not returned Nik's personal property
    8. After multiple requests to Entercom, payments for appearances for Entercom
        clients such as; Sprint and the Shane Company have not been paid.

These are just eight out of at least 100 things that Nik suffered under the Hands of this company. It is time for Entercom to pay. And it time for us to stick it to them. When this gets to court Nik has evidence, including Video and Audio that will amaze you. It will be released to the media and shown during the court case.

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Why are we doing this for Nik? Nik is a good guy; he is the sort of guy that would give you his shirt off his back. Despite the fact that he was the model employee and saved Entercom's Butt on More than one occasion, they gave him the shaft. He is willing to take it to the court room. The least we can do is help him.

We are only $5,000 short of what we need to begin the case against Entercom. Nik's family and friends want to help raise this money, but it's not only helping Nik fight this terrible injustice from Entercom. It's also about stopping this corporation, breaking its contracts, abusing its workers, and only respecting its own interests. Too long Americans have been abused by corporations who feed off of those who are innocent. It's time for all of us who have at one time or another, have been used, walked on, or fired from a company who didn't care about its employees. It's time to let the people who run these companies know that's wrong to use people, fire people and ruin people just so an area manager can make his/her bonus. Nik drew the line in the sand, please help us and join us our fight.

If you feel the way we do, then please donate to this cause. Fight Entercom! Help Nik!

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